Accomplished musicians in their own right, the members of Behaviours have tasked themselves with striving to create something lasting; something greater than the sum of its parts-an objective whose genesis is not desire for stardom or financial gain, but rather integrity. 

Jason Cheek, Jordan Hester, and Brandon Ingle comprise the alternative three-piece, prepping for a breakout year in 2016.  Already popular with the likes of music supervisors, fellow artists, and crowds nationwide, they will release their first full length, Before It’s Lost on February 19th.  A set loaded with lyrical portraits of relatable life experiences, driven by distinct melodic approaches and thoughtful production. 

“Somebody’s Else Problem” will serve as the first single off of the collection, releasing ahead of album and acting as tone-setter for the kaleidoscope of songs included.  One could concurrently recognize the influences of the band, whilst left feeling as if something new had been sensed.  A blend of optimism, darkness, introspection, and unreservedness combine to shape the theme of the album and the band’s identity, and provides listeners with an insight to the integrity that is catalyst behind the work.

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